Did a nice day for a bike ride end with a trip to the hospital?

Did a nice day for a bike ride end with a trip to the hospital?

Tennessee has many scenic routes and rural roadways that are perfect for bicycle travel. Like many other tourists and full-time residents throughout the state, this may be your favorite form of exercise and outdoor activity. It’s always fun to get some fresh air and sunshine while getting in a good aerobic workout as well. Perhaps every member of your family owns bicycles, and you frequently travel together, pedaling miles at a time. Nothing can bring bicycle fun to a screeching halt quite like a negligent motorist.

As a safe and conscientious bicyclist, you no doubt review state laws and regulations periodically to make sure you clearly understand what the state expects of you when you navigate its roadways by bike. It’s always a good idea to know what the state expects of motorists who share the road with you, and to know where to seek support if a careless driver causes you injury. There are several types of collisions that often involve bicyclists. Knowing what they are ahead of time may help you avoid injury.

Common situations that place you in danger when biking

There are several types of driving situations that place you in far more danger on a bicycle than you would be if you were driving a car at the time. The following list includes information to help you improve travel safety by bicycle:

  • Whether you’re pedaling at night or during daylight hours, the roads, parking lots and driveways on your right place you at great risk for bicycle injury. Many catastrophic injuries have occurred when cars pulling out from right hand areas drove straight into the paths of bicyclists. You may be able to lower your accident risk by installing a loud horn and a headlight on your bicycle.
  • Parked cars may appear harmless; however, if you are riding past a row of parked cars on your bike, you’re in danger of injury from any person who may suddenly swing their car door open.
  • Red light and stop sign locations are also potentially dangerous to you as a bicyclist, especially if you stop your bike to the right of a motor vehicle. There’s usually a blind spot effect in such situations. If you proceed forward, and a driver can’t see you or is distracted at the time he or she begins to turn right, there may be a serious collision.
  • Crosswalks are also dangerous places for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians. If a driver is looking at a cellphone, speeding or otherwise distracted, you may be invisible to him or her.

The injuries you suffer in a bicycle collision with a motor vehicle can be very serious. As an accident survivor, you may face a long and stressful road to recovery. When you know your injuries were avoidable were it not for another person’s negligence, you may experience feelings of frustration and anger. This is not uncommon among victims of distracted driving collisions.

Seeking restitution often helps bring closure

One way other Tennessee accident victims have regained control of their situations in recovery is to seek legal accountability against those whose negligence caused their injuries. This is also often a means to compensation that can help pay medical expenses and other accident-related costs as well.

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