What are the rights and responsibilities of Tennessee cyclists?

Over the past few years, private researchers and government agencies disclosed some disturbing news about cyclists. People who rode bicycles continued to see high rates of injuries and fatalities. If you ride your bike on a regular basis, you have probably been a victim of this as well. Even worse, accidents and fatalities seemed almost always to trend upwards. This is especially true in warmer states, such as Tennessee. Drivers often claim they do not see cyclists. Cyclists say drivers [...]

How you can safely share the road with 18-wheelers

Wherever you are, you have more than likely been on the same strip of blacktop as an 18-wheeler, whether on the daily commute to work or the much-needed road trip, a five-lane highway or a two-lane backcountry road. These huge, sometimes mammoth, vehicles are the monsters of the road. It is best to have a heightened awareness when they are around. Even a healthy dose of respect does not keep a tired driver from swerving into your lane and crashing [...]

Knowing your rights as a pedestrian in Tennessee

Even when walking a short distance, it is important for all pedestrians to be aware in order to stay as safe as possible. This awareness extends beyond being conscious of one’s personal surroundings, as pedestrians should also be conscientious of their rights and the laws they must follow on roadways. Being knowledgeable and careful can help to reduce the likelihood of pedestrian-related car crashes. When pedestrians have the right of way One thing that people will sometimes say is that cars [...]

Factors that put you at risk of dying in a car crash

The United States has the highest car crash rate of all countries in the world. Statistics published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2015 show that 35,092 individuals lost their lives in car crashes that year. When you look at data regarding these accidents, trends start to emerge as to when and why these fatal crashes occur. Alcohol is the No. 1 reason that fatal car crashes occur. At least 22,015 of the 35,092 fatal crashes that [...]

Roundup loses major battle over cancer claim

A federal jury in San Francisco awarded a California man who claimed that his non-Hodgkin lymphoma had been caused by the weedkiller Roundup $80 million earlier this week. Currently, 11,000 cases are still waiting to be heard on both the state and federal levels. In each of those matters, the plaintiff accuses Roundup of having caused their cancer. One school groundskeeper in California won a $289 million settlement last year for the same reason. Consumers first became aware of the dangers [...]

Does random drug testing really prevent workplace injuries?

Nowadays, employers will often tell their prospective employees that their job offer is dependent upon them successfully passing a pre-employment drug test. The main reason that employers have their workers take these is to reduce the chances of an employee having an accident once they start working there. Employers will often have employees take drug tests after an incident happens as well. Employers have a good reason for asking employees to submit to drug tests. Data published by the National [...]

Injury symptoms not always immediately apparent

As you recover from your car accident, you may rely on others to assist you in your daily needs, especially if your injuries were moderate to severe. Hopefully, doctors have given you a hopeful prognosis for achieving a full recovery; also hopefully, you can collect benefits at work to help make ends meet while you’re away from your duties. On the other hand, this description typically applies to a best-case scenario, and more often than not, accident recuperation doesn’t [...]

There’s no way to drive safely while distracted

Like most roadways in the nation, Tennessee highways are often busy, traffic-laden areas where you may feel as though you put your best driving skills to the test just to safely travel to your destination. From drivers cutting into your lane, failing to yield or ignoring stop signs, the risks for collision are high. The best you can do is stay alert and adhere to all traffic regulations while hoping that the other motorists in your vicinity will do [...]

What to expect when unexpected loss occurs

You no doubt remember exactly what you were doing when you got the call that told you there had been a terrible accident involving your loved one. Your memory of events beyond that moment, however, may be a lot more vague. In fact, your next conscious memory may be of a time that came hours, even days later. Memory loss is a common factor associated with shock, post-traumatic stress syndrome and the typical grieving process, as if there is [...]

Did a nice day for a bike ride end with a trip to the hospital?

Tennessee has many scenic routes and rural roadways that are perfect for bicycle travel. Like many other tourists and full-time residents throughout the state, this may be your favorite form of exercise and outdoor activity. It’s always fun to get some fresh air and sunshine while getting in a good aerobic workout as well. Perhaps every member of your family owns bicycles, and you frequently travel together, pedaling miles at a time. Nothing can bring bicycle fun to a [...]